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Clean Water and Sanitation

Climate Action

Gender Equality

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Affordable and Clean Energy

Sustainable Cities and Communities 

"The built environment is a hub of economic activities, individuals and families, and society’s cultural heritage. The built environment protects life and health, its inhabitants’ psychological and social welfare, and sustains aesthetic and cultural values." - Sustainability 2021


gas emissions

There will be an estimated 37% increase in green house gas emissions by 2030 compared to 2005 levels if efficient policies and practices in the construction industry are not implemented. A lack of biodiversity integration within the sector further negatively impacts the environment.  

woman construction

Women are not only disadvantaged in their career journeys within the construction sector due to gender bias, but owning land and property is often a huge hurdle women find very challenging to overcome.

woman land
City crowd

More than half of humanity is currently living in cities and these numbers are increasing by nearly 73 million every year. As a result, the need for dignified cities and communities with clean water, sanitation and energy is growing as well.


Straw Building Emissions

Living Walls Africa is committed to using sustainable and renewable building materials to reduce green house gas emissions and contribute to climate mitigation.

woman empowered

Gender equality and social inclusion are a critical part of Living Walls Africa's strategy and approach. We are focused on ensuring women in particular get on the property ladder.


Living Walls Africa seeks to ensure cities and communities are sustainable. We focus on creating job opportunities, safe and affordable housing, green spaces, and having access to clean water and sanitation and renewable and clean energy. Innovation is at the heart of all our efforts.