About Us

We are a development company focused on delivering the highest quality, cost-effective projects on the market, utilizing our expertise in working with sustainable and renewable building materials. Although we work with clients across all sectors - residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure - our primary focus is to provide solutions to people that would otherwise be overlooked, in particular low-income earners, first-time home owners, young professionals, new businesses and growing SME's.

Key Sectors





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Our mission is to provide an all-encompassing, one-stop point for development partners and investors, from brief to build.


Our vision is to be the frontier contractor and developer of sustainable pre-fabricated building solutions.

Fighting For Planet

The key to long-term, scalable, cost-effective construction is working with building materials that are sustainable and renewable.


We focus on ensuring our construction spaces are as environmentally friendly as possible. We apply green building solutions that contribute to climate adaption and/or mitigation strategies through the use of recycled, renewable and sustainable materials. We also work to maximize efficiencies such as transport, manufacturing and management.


Our projects and activities seek to create jobs for women and men across various sectors from agriculture to recycling. We have established demand for products that are normally discarded or burned, and as a result, have created a hive of economic activity for low-income earners pays a fair wage, and has substantial growth and scalability potential.


Governance in Kenya's construction industry has long been poorly regulated. At Living Walls, integrity, transparency and honesty are key drivers of our company's long-term success. We work to achieve these goals through the implementation of technology, training, research & development and financial sustainability.

Our Team

Our team of professionals not only understand what it takes to do construction, but also understands the importance of financial, time, budgetary and project management.

Join Our Mission To Change The Face of Development

Living Walls Africa is raising $450,000 to expand our capacity and fund our research into new and existing building technologies. 
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