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Living Walls Africa works with renewable, sustainable and cost effective building materials. We work with compressed agricultural fiber (CAF) panels made out of agricultural waste, such as wheat and rice straw. This technology has been around since the 1930's and has been used extensively in Europe and the US. CAF panels are internationally approved - highly durable, strong, thermally insulated, fire and water resistant - and pre-fabricated allowing for faster builds which saves cost, time and energy. 

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Clean Water and Sanitation

Climate Action

Gender Equality

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Affordable and Clean Energy

Sustainable Cities and Communities 
Houses needed in Kenya per year
Formal low-income units built per year
Living in urban slums 
Earning $500 or less per month
Median age of people in Africa
Affordable, dignified living is fundamental to a successful society. It's time to start acting for the 95%.

Pre-fabricated Structures

Housing shortages are a major challenge globally. As population numbers continue to increase, particularly in Africa, the demand for housing is only growing. In order for these demands to be met, working with sustainable, renewable and cost-effective materials, that are highly scalable, is vital. Living Walls Africa is dedicated to working with these materials, allowing for increased housing development.

  • Quicker Build Times
  • Cost-Effective
  • Sustainable & Renewable
  • Scalable
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Tackling the low-income housing crisis in Africa.

We aim to be market leaders in helping upgrade communities and allow people to move away for slums. It is our goal to help developers and investors to manage their costs in order to be able to deliver a turn-key solution for the low-income sector, that will not only promote home ownership but also provide people with dignified living.
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